New Systems InstrumentsInertia Universal Movement Simulator


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New Systems Instruments Inertia

From New Systems Instruments comes Inertia, an all-analog, multi-function Eurorack module capable of being an envelope generator, LFO/VCO, filter, LFO divider, slew limiter, and much more. Lightly inspired by the Dual Universal Slope Generator from Serge, Inertia provides two ways to interface by offering two sets of rise and fall functions or controlling and skewing the general frequency of the rise and fall. The rise and fall values are affected by a range switch, making it possible for the functions to act as slow modulation or fast, audio-rate oscillation. The input follows the constraints of the rates of rise and fall, producing a first and second order output.

Inertia brings a whole new world to function generators by adding what they call Momentum, a second function that pushes the original function past its intended target until it returns to its destination. This injects possibilities to add sustain to an envelope or resonance to a filter. The trigger input is perfect for triggering envelopes or resetting cycles while the V/O can control pitch in a 1V/oct manner, perfect for pitch tracking as an LFO or VCO. All four controls have CV inputs with attenuverters for ultimate control and modulation over how the rate and momentum interact with each other and the incoming signal.

Whether you're looking to add extra modulation and oscillation sources or are in need of an all-in-one multi-purpose module, the New Systems Instruments' Inertia is a great addition to any modular system.

Inertia Features

  • Universal Movement Simulator
  • Rise/fall and value/skew modes
  • Time range switch between low and high corresponding to the rise and fall values
  • CV/audio, trigger, and 1V/oct inputs
  • 1st and 2nd order outputs
  • Rise and fall control for exponential rate and momentum
  • Frequency of rise and fall and momentum function with variable skews
  • Bipolar CV inputs with attenuverter for each rise and fall parameter
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