New Systems InstrumentsBabel Analog Logic and Intermodulation


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New Systems Instruments Babel

Babel from New Systems Instruments is an analog logic processor, perfect for taking three (or more with the expander) inputs and combining them to create three new related signals. There are three outputs, the maximum value, marked ANY, the minimum value, marked ALL, and a balanced middle value marked XSOME. The XSOME follows the center value of the input signals and features both a manual control and CV input with an attenuator to set the center point. The XSOME works somewhat as a multiplication function but features sharper edges. With audio-rate signals, that descends into ring modulation-style intermodulation with wavefolder-like harmonics and an arbitrary number of inputs.

Thinking about the outputs in terms of logic, with two inputs the outputs correspond to if ANY of them are true (OR logic), if ALL of them are true (AND logic), or if (X)SOME but not all are true (XOR logic). These examples presuppose that the logic features two inputs, as they don't 1:1 match with three or more inputs. While there are three inputs, Babel Expander gives seven more inputs to the Babel. This tower is ever expandable, with the expanders able to be chained together for even more input possibilities for 17, 24, or even more inputs. Babel provides three analog logic types that take intermodulation to new heights.

Babel Features

  • Intermodulation and analog logic
  • Three logic types
  • ANY provides the maximum value with an OR operation
  • ALL provides the minimum value with AND operation
  • XSOME tracks the center value of input waves and corresponds to XOR logic
  • Manual and voltage control over center point
  • Works as a digital and analog logic module
  • Add an arbitrary number of additional inputs with the expander
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Current draw: 44mA @ +12V, 44mA @ -12V
New Systems Instruments Babel Analog Logic and Intermodulation Reviews