Neutral LabsElmyra Digital Drone Synthesizer (White)

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Neutral Labs Elmyra

Providing an intuitive touch interface, Elmyra from Neutral Labs is a digital drone box that is perfect as a performative drone instrument. Although inspired by the interface present on the Lyra-8, it is its own instrument, providing a unique sonic palette that is more digital and harsh than the organic behavior of the Lyra-8.

The pitch of the three oscillators can be set independently, or in chromatic mode, they can be tuned to chords. Each oscillator features two waveshapes, triangle and square, although these are not perfect in terms of their waveshapes. The three touch plates control the amplitude of the three oscillators, with the electrical resistance of your skin determining the behavior. The response of the touch plates can be further tailored using the env switches, providing different envelope lengths for the notes. Flipping the envelope switches twice in quick succession will drone the oscillator, allowing it to be heard without the touch plates.

The onboard delay is a crunchy digital delay with rate, mix, and feedback controls. Pushing the feedback to its upper limits can result in thick and complex textures. Additional grit can be added to the signal path with the analog distortion, controlled by the scratch knob. A small amount of distortion is present in the signal path at all times. You can also tame the sound back with the non-resonant low pass filter, great for smoothing out particularly harsh and aggressive tones.

The length of each oscillator cycle can be controlled by the internal random modulation, providing fluctuating oscillator pitch. A secondary sequencer mode is also present on the Elmyra, allowing you to enter and playback sequences up to 16 steps long. This drone box is capable of a wide range of sounds and behaviors that engage the user and encourage sonic exploration.

Elmyra Features

  • Performative drone box
  • Three touch plates to control the amplitude of the oscillators
  • Three tunable oscillators that feature chromatic mode for chord tunings
  • Triangle and square waveshapes
  • Crunchy digital delay with intense feedback
  • Non-resonant low pass filter
  • Analog scratch distortion
  • Selectable envelope speeds
  • Random modulation for oscillator cycles
  • Audio output on 1/4" jack
  • Power: 5V USB powered with max draw of 500mA (included)
  • Dimensions: 230 x 170 x 85mm/9 x 6.6 x 3.3"
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