myVoltsReVolt AAA Battery Kit USB Power Adapter


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myVolts ReVolt AAA Battery Kit

Stop worrying about if you need a new set of batteries with ReVolt AAA Battery Kit from myVolts, a handy way to supply power to your otherwise battery-powered devices. ReVolt centers around a bridge cable, with one end shaped and sized just like a standard AAA battery, and the other end sporting a DC barrel jack connected with a slim, durable ribbon cable—discrete enough to fit through nearly any battery door! The ReVolt Kit also includes a 3V Ripcord cable, which scales the 5V power from a USB supply down to the 3V generated by a AAA battery, as well as a dummy battery to drop into a parallel slot if needed to complete the circuit. With ReVolt, all your battery woes are thrown out the window.

ReVolt AAA Battery Kit Features

  • USB power adapter for battery powered devices
  • Completely reusable power source, just plug it into a USB port!
  • AAA battery form factor
  • 3V Ripcord included
  • Size: AAA
myVolts ReVolt AAA Battery Kit USB Power Adapter Reviews