Mystic Circuits0HP Vactrol LPG


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Mystic Circuits 0HP Vactrol LPG

Get the classic sound of a low pass gate with the 0HP Vactrol LPG from Mystic Circuits. Popularized by Don Buchla, the low pass gate combines a VCA with a slight filtering that corresponds to a change in amplitude. This makes softer sounds duller and sounds brighter as they increase in amplitude. The vactrol smooths out and slows down incoming CV signals, creating plucky musical envelopes from gates and triggers without the need for a separate envelope generator. Connect multiple 0HP modules using the passive mix input to create an extended chain of amplitude modulation. Each vactrol is unique and does not offer the same response curve, making every unit slightly different from each other. Bring the revered sound of the low pass gate into your modules in an out of the rack configuration that requires no power.

0HP Vactrol LPG Features

  • Low pass gate
  • Smooths out incoming CV for a musical response
  • Adds a slight filtering to your sounds
  • Daisy chain multiple modules with the mix input
  • Each vactrol is unique in its response
  • Compact passive module
  • N/A
  • Passive
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