Mutable InstrumentsShelves MKII 4 Band VC Parametric EQ


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Mutable Instruments Shelves MKII

Shelves, from Mutable Instruments, is a four-band parametric EQ with Voltage Control. It contains high and low pass filters with two variable resonance bandpass filters in between. Each of the four filters have full spectrum range for extreme timbral shaping of any input sound. This filter's architecture provides a subtler timbral shaping tool, widely different from most multimode filters. With the expander now permanently attached in production from Mutable Instruments, both the Resonant filters have Multimode outputs, for even further spectral shaping. Each of the four filters has individual 1v/Oct and gain CV inputs, as well as a master gain and frequency CV inputs. When the two middle filters are at full resonance, it functions as a dual sine wave generator. An analog distortion is available by overdriving the input, or by turning up the gain on each of the four channels. Because the whole module is analog, the distortion is very tasteful and beefy. Not only is this a creative synthesis tool, but it also works great as an outboard analog EQ for any mixing and mastering needs. 

Shelves Features

  • Scales: all frequency CV inputs: 1V/Oct. All cut/boost CV inputs: 3dB/V.
  • Low-shelf frequency and cut/boost CV.
  • High-shelf frequency and cut/boost CV.
  • Parametric 1&2 frequency, cut/boost and Q CV.
  • Global frequency offset and cut/boost CV.
  • Signal input.
  • Signal output.
  • Low-shelf/Parametric/High-shelf correction frequency, 20 Hz to 20kHz.
  • Low-shelf/Parametric/High-shelf cut/boost, -15dB to 15dB.
  • Parametric correction Q, 0.5 to 20 (up to 1000 with external CV offset).
  • Analog signal path.
  • All inputs DC-coupled.
  • Input impedance 100k (25k for the global frequency and gain CV inputs).
  • Open-source hardware.
  • 16-HP.
  • Current consumption: +12V: 75mA ; -12V: 75mA.
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