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Whether approached scientifically, philosophically, or commercially…The concept of “music” assumes many forms. Despite its multifaceted nature, music always represents a transition—the end of one stage and the beginning of another. A constant state of flux that, despite its fundamentally linear arrangement in time, maintains an inherent elusiveness. This trait applies equally to imagined, live, and recorded music.

With this in mind, our expertly-curated music section is comprised of a diverse selection of artists operating within a broad range of electronic music genres, such as experimental electronica, techno, ambient, synth-pop, house, noise, and industrial... all presented in the most time-tested format available: vinyl records.

  1. Etherwood
  2. Inja
  3. Kid 606
  4. Lee Bannon
  5. Logistics
  6. Machinedrum
  7. Proc Fiskal
  8. Sophia Loizou
  9. Various Artists
  1. Ambient / Drone
  2. Bass
  3. Disco / Funk
  4. Downtempo
  5. Drum & Bass
  6. Dub / Reggae / World
  7. Experimental
  8. Hip Hop / Beats
  9. House
  10. IDM
  11. Indie Rock / Pop
  12. Leftfield / Electronic
  13. Modern Classical / Soundtracks
  14. Noise / Industrial
  15. Nu Disco / Indie Dance
  16. Synth / Krautrock / Wave
  17. Techno
  1. Cosmo Rhythmatic
  2. Hospital Records Ltd
  3. Hyperdub Records
  4. Med School
  5. Ninja Tune
  6. Tigerbeat6
  1. Drum & Bass
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Set Descending Direction

1-12 of 12 items

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