Music HallMMF-1.3 Turntable

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Music Hall MMF-1.3

The MMF-1.3 turntable from Music Hall is a spectacular home listening solution for the audiophile on a budget. The table features a belt driven design that keeps your records playing at a constant and consistent speed. This keeps records from being damaged due to warping or dragging of the needle on the vinyl.

The platter is capable of playing at all major speeds, and the aluminum tonearm has a removable headshell that houses an Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge. The convergence of these features creates a turntable that is ready to play right out of the box, and is a great idea for anyone looking for a step up to their previous player, but isn't looking to break the bank.

MMF-1.3 Features

  • Audio Technica AT3600L Cartridge
  • Aluminum Tonearm
  • Belt driven design
  • Aluminum platter
  • Vibration dampening rubber platter mat
  • Stereo RCA output
  • Built-In phono preamplifier
  • Belt drive
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