Mungo Enterprises w0 Waveshape Oscillator

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Mungo Enterprises w0

The Mungo Enterprise ‘w0’ is an Arbitrary Waveshape Oscillator module that is so utterly universal that this oscillator obsoletes entire classic of products. Allowing arbitrary waveforms to be loaded from SD cards in standard .WAV format the tonal characteristics of this oscillator are endless. Stable tracking from CVs or perfect tracking from MIDI allows previously impossible to tune Frequency and Phase modulation patches to be played and even recalled later. Starting in the hour timescale up to ultrasonics, the zoomed controls allow precise adjustments and a wide range without resorting to multiple knobs. 

w0 Features

  • Frequency Modulation - Signal Input and Depth Control scaled in V/Octave
  • Frequency Offset - Added to Fixed and Variable Modulation and MIDI Note Value sets the Frequency of the Sawtooth Core Oscillator
  • Phase Modulation - Signal Input and Depth Control scaled in V/Octave (Will provide Gain and limited to ±360 degrees)
  • Phase Offset - Added to Modulation, sets the Phase Offset of both Outputs to the Sawtooth Core Oscillator
  • Symmetry Modulation - Signal Input and Depth Control
  • Symmetry Offset - Added to Modulation, sets the Symmetry of the Sawtooth and Square Waveforms; Sawtooth Waveform is swept from Negative Sawtooth through Triangle to Positive Sawtooth (Sets the Duty Cycle of the Square Waveform)
  • Frequency Input - Trimmed 1V/Octave Input
  • Reset Input - Positive going edge Triggers Reset of Sawtooth Core Oscillator
  • Sawtooth Output - Output Signal of the Variable Symmetry Sawtooth Waveform
  • Arbitrary Output - Alternates between built-in Waveforms of Sine and Square, or Sine and Arbitrary Waveform (Phase and Frequency locked to Sawtooth Output)
  • Function Button - Swaps between built-in Waveforms or loads Arbitrary Waveform from SD card
  • SD Card - Reads 16bit Mono .WAV files off FAT formatted SD cards from W0.WAV to W9.WAVE in sequence, Sample Rate insensitive (Maximum Length 4,000 Samples)
  • Eurorack Module
  • 12 HP Width
  • 48mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 25mA @ +/- 12V, 125mA @ +5V
  • Requires +5V in Power Bus
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