Mu-TronOctave Divider Pedal


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Mu-Tron Octave Divider

Ground your sound with the power of Mu-Tron's Octave Divider, a revival of the classic pedal in all its analog glory—with some amazing enhancements to boot. Easily blend the Octave Divider's effect with the mix and tone knobs to your liking, or engage the "bass only" switch to just get the octave down effect. The analog circuitry behind the octave down matches the tone and dynamics of your dry signal, and engaging the stabilize circuit furthers the musical tone and signal matching that is unique to Octave Dividers.

Not only does it have a rocking octave down, but Octave Divider can introduce a similar effect to the "octave up" with its Ringer circuit—for a more stable octave up, use a pure tone that's more sinusoidal. It works best with monophonic sounds, but introducing intervals and chords will freak it out and create beating frequencies derived from its source. Octave Divider offers amazingly clean and performable octaves that can add depth and grit to anything you throw at it—guitar, horns, basses, you name it!

With multiple unique, rich-sounding circuits and coloring tools, Mu-Tron's Octave Divider can bring harmonic height and tone of your instrument, making for an excellent sound design tool.

Octave Divider Features

  • Octave-down pedal
  • Dynamic and harmonic preservation in processed sound
  • Stability switch for locking to single-voiced signals
  • Tone color control over sub octave
  • Mix knob to balance between wet and dry signal
  • Ringer switch to emphasize upper harmonic content
  • Effect and Bass Only switches determine the state of effect
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″
  • Power Specs: 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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