mrseri uO_c Polymorphic CV Generator

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mrseri uO_c

The mrseri uO_c is a compact, and stylish take on the open-source Ornament & Crime multi-function module. Using just four trigger/gate inputs, four CV inputs, two encoders and menu up/down buttons, the uO_c accomplishes a huge number of complex modulation tasks. Using its simple menu, a user can easily get the uO_c to function as a quantized shift register, quad envelope generator, quadrature LFO, quad 16-step sequencer, chord sequencer, and even an 8-bit sound source! From a utility standpoint, the uO_c is also invaluable for its precision voltage generation mode, which is essential when calibrating other modules. Ornament & Crime truly is a module which amplifies the capabilities of every module around it, leaving many users to wonder how they ever patched without one.

uO_c Features

  • Quad CV generator
  • Four CV inputs
  • Four trigger inputs
  • Four CV outputs
  • Easy-to-read OLED screen
  • Available apps: CopierMaschine, Harrington 1200, Automatonnetz, Quantermain, Meta-Q, Quadraturia, Low-rents, Piqued, Sequins, Dialectic Ping Pong, Viznutcracker, References
  • See the Ornament and Crime user manual for further details
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 85mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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