MOTU Volta Voltage Control Instrument Plug In

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MOTU Volta

The MOTU Volta allows users to equip their traditional audio interface with CV capability, allowing them to tune and calibrate oscillators, sequence MIDI with external modular synthesizers, ramp automation, and route LFOs, step sequencers, and sequencers to the CV inputs. The MOTU Volta boasts all the dependability of a virtual instrument, while simultaneously enabling users to impart analog tones on their overall sound. 

Volta Features

  • Standard virtual instrument plug-in that turns an audio interface with DC-coupled outputs into a voltage control interface
  • Control external modular synths or other CV-equipped gear from your computer
  • Works with Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Live and other Audio Unit instrument hosts that support side chain outputs
  • Works with any MOTU audio interface equipped with TRS outputs, including the 24io with 24 TRS outputs, expandable to 96
  • Familiar, easy-to-use instrument plug-in operation within your favorite host software
  • Provides 24 control outputs per plug-in instance. Use as many instances as needed
  • Converts MIDI track data to control voltages to play modulars, analog synthesizers and other CV-equipped sound sources
  • Sample-accurate MIDI playback with supporting host software (such as DP)
  • Provides seven different control source types, including MIDI notes, MIDI controller data and audio track automation, plus tempo-synced sources such as LFOs, clock pulses and trigger/pattern sequencers
  • Provides one-click pitch and octave calibration per oscillator using either Hz/V or V/oct tuning standards
  • View at a glance the total calibrated range for each oscillator/interface combination
  • Sync multiple drum machines, arpeggiators and other clock destinations with independent PPQ resolution for each device


System Requirements (Minimum)

  • Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later
  • A digital audio workstation application that hosts MAS (MOTU Audio System) or Audio Unit (AU) instrument plug-ins
  • A DAW application that supports multiple instrument sidechain outputs, such as Digital Performer, Logic, or Live
  • An audio interface with DC-coupled outputs, such as any MOTU FireWire, USB2, or PCI audio interface with quarter-inch TRS outputs
  • The proper cable type for your interface
  • External audio hardware that responds to control voltage signals, such as modular analog synthesizers, vintage monosynths, etc
  • A free USB port for the iLok USB key. Note that if you have multiple products which use iLoks for authorization yo
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