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Modcan Quad LFO Modulation Powerhouse

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Modcan Quad LFO

As its name indicates, the Quad LFO is comprised of four low frequency oscillators, each with their own output. This handy configuration pushes the Quad LFO's functionality beyond that of simple vibrato, rendering it as one of the most capable and versatile modulation sources in all of eurorack.

Quad LFO features 16 different waveform types, including random and morphing waves. However, even the more traditional waves perpetrate some form of real-time transformation. For example, the module's sine wave can transition into a triangle wave. When employed with waves like staircase and pulse, the results become decidedly animated.

One of the module's greatest strengths is its ability to provide four independent LFOs, each with individual control over frequency, waveform selection, amplitude, waveform transformation, and CV routing configuration. The switch and control settings are saved via EEPROM for storage and recall. Additional advantages include four unique operation modes: Phase Lock, Quadrature, and Rotate. Phase Lock synchronizes the phase of all LFOs while assigning the frequency of each to be a division of the primary LFO. Quadrature sums the LFOs into a single LFO with each of its outputs dispersed by 90 degrees; all of the module's possible waves are available in this mode, so users can rest assured that they will not be limited to sine waves. Finally, Rotate mode specializes in unpredictability in that it behaves similarly to a switch, with the gate/clock applied to the Gate 1 input; introducing pulses into the aforementioned jack causes the quadrature outputs to shift 1 step to the right, wrapping back around when they've reached the end.

Quad LFO Features

  • 4 Independent LFOs
  • Low and high frequency ranges. Low range is .003Hz-51Hz
  • High range is 16HZ-1.6kHz and can be used for audio
  • Real-time CV control of Frequency, Amplitude, Wave Morph and wave selection
  • Output choice of 0 to +5V, +/-5V and inverted version of both
  • 16 bit 48kHz sample rate means super smooth waves with no quantization stepping.
  • Memory storage of all settings between power cycles
  • 100s of button combinations for massive flexibility
  • Unique waveforms like cosine random and stair case waves
  • Smooth wave morphing in TABs 1-3
  • All waves employ some form of transformation wave shaping
  • Uses a paltry 40mA of current on the +12 rail and 10mA on the -12V rail
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 18HP
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current Draw: 40mA@+12V; 10mA@-12V
  • Sample rate: 48kHz @ 16bit
  • Output: 0 to +5V or +/-5V
  • CV control jack range: +/-5V
  • Gate input range: 2.5-10V
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