MOD DevicesMOD Dwarf Multipurpose Audio Processor Pedal


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Mod Devices MOD Dwarf Multipurpose Audio Processor Pedal

MOD Devices' latest creation, the MOD Dwarf, is a complete pedalboard replacement in a compact size. Beyond ordinary effects, of which you have access to over 180, the MOD Dwarf has 115+ Amp/Cab simulators, 30+ Virtual Instruments, and 30+ MIDI Utilities that can be patched internally to create your own custom modulation points. To accomplish this, you need to attach the MOD Dwarf to your computer, then use a web browser to connect with the pedal using an easy-to-use interface where you virtually patch your signal path visually. You can even connect wirelessly using a Bluetooth 3+ dongle, sold separately.

With two 1/4" inputs/outputs, two MIDI 1/8" TRS Type-A ports, a USB Device and USB Host port, headphone 1/8" output, and a Control Chain port for expanding with the MOD Devices Foot Control, the MOD Dwarf features the hardware connections you want. Equipped with a 64-bit 1.3GHz ARM CPU, you can push the limit with instruments and effects—a switchable buffer size means you can add a little extra headroom, too. Customizability is clearly at the center of MOD Devices ethos, and we see that spirit executed physically with the ability to map 72 different options per virtual pedalboard to three clickable encoder knobs. Versatility, durability, and fidelity come together with the MOD Dwarf.

MOD Dwarf Features

  • Open-Ended, Open-Source DSP Platform
  • High-Quality 2.9" LCD Display
  • 3 Rotary Encoders, 3 Buttons, and 3 Footswitches
  • 2 Independant Audio Channels
  • Cirrus Logic Audio Codec 24-bit ADC/DAC
  • Extensive Connectivity via MIDI I/O, USB-Host, USB-Device, and Control
  • Chain Ports
  • LED Audio Meters on Inputs and Outputs
  • Edit Patches in Web Browser
  • Dimensions: 105 x 202 x 54 mm
  • Power Specs: 12 VDC Center-Positive 2000mA Supply Included
  • Processer: ARM A35 4 Core 1.3GHz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Flash Storage: 8GB
  • Audio Inputs: 2x TRS Unbalanced 1/4"
  • Audio Outputs: 2x TRS Balanced 1/4"
  • Headphone: 1x 1/8" TRS
  • MIDI: 2x TRS MIDI Type-A
  • USB Ports: 1x USB Host, Max Output Current 500mA
  • 1x USB Device
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