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  1. Faderfox EC4 MIDI Encoder Controller
    Faderfox EC4 USB MIDI Encoder Controller

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  2. Faderfox UC4 Universal MIDI Controller
    Faderfox UC4 Universal USB MIDI Controller

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  3. Faderfox PC4 MIDI Pot Controller
    Faderfox PC4 USB MIDI Pot Controller

    In Stock Available immediately!

1-3 of 3 items

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Controllers—these are the way that we interface with our electronic instruments. And of course, they come in a wide range of appearances, from MIDI keyboards to mixer-like control surfaces, expressive MPE controllers, CV sequencers, and more. One thing, though is certain: whether you're producing tracks in a DAW or simply looking for a new way to interact with your desktop synths or modular system, controllers can significantly influence the sound and style of your music.

Perfect Circuit carries a wide range of controllers and tools for establishing an efficient studio workflow. So whether you're looking for an all-in one DAW control surface from Novation, an expressive controller from Sensel or Roli, a control source for your CV-capable devices, or utilities for connecting your MIDI gear together, we've got you covered.