Midas 512 Parametric EQ

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Midas 512

The Midas 512 is a 500-series parametric equalizer, perfect for dialing in the exact sonic specifications of your mix. It features dual concentric controls, with the center knob controlling gain, from -15dB to +15dB, and the outer ring controlling frequency.

The four overlapping bands are bass (20Hz-400Hz), lo mid (100Hz-2kHz), hi mid (400Hz-8kHz), and treble (1kHz-20kHz). Each band also includes a bandwidth or Q control. This allows you to finely control the range of the EQing. The bass and treble bands can also behave as shelving filters. Pressing the bell buttons changes the response from parametric EQ to shelving. The bandwidth control is not available in the shelving mode. Midas spared no expense with the 512 and it really shows, with low-noise op-amps and transistor-based transformers outputs that provide surprising sonic performance for the price.

512 Features

  • 500-series EQ
  • Dual concentric controls for frequency and gain
  • Bandwidth control per band
  • Four overlapping frequency bands
  • Bass and treble can act as shelving filters
  • Ultra-low noise op-amps
  • High-quality bipolar transistor output stage
  • True hardware bypass
  • Frequency ranges treble: 1kHz-20kHz, Hi-mid: 400Hz-8kHz, lo-mid: 100Hz-2kHz, bass: 20Hz-400Hz
  • Power: 16V DC 100mA
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 7.2 x 1.5"/132 x 182 x 38mm
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