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Meng QiWingie Stereo Resonator


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Meng Qi Wingie

Wingie from Meng Qi is a handheld stereo resonator that is the perfect companion for interacting with instruments, vocals, and the world around you. It features two microphones that pick up vibrations from the air, as well as a stereo line input.

Wingie's three primary controls are mix, volume, and resonator decay, from .15 to 10 seconds. Wingie features four modes: Bar, String, Special, and Poly. Each mode interacts with incoming sound in its own unique way, highlighting and picking out timbres and harmonics. It also features two audio outputs, intended for both driving headphones and creating feedback loops. On top of this, Wingie also functions as a development board for exploring other projects. Wingie is a musical instrument intended for sonic exploration with your instruments, voice, and sounds in your environment, able to process and reinvent even the seemingly mundane.

Wingie Features

  • Stereo resonator
  • Dual microphones pick up vibrations in the air
  • Stereo 3.5mm line-level input
  • Two 3.5mm headphone outputs
  • Audio outputs are great as feedback sources
  • Four modes, bar, string, special, and poly
  • Mix and volume controls
  • Resonator decay from .15s to 10s
  • Wingie is sensitive and should not be used with modular level input signals
  • Dimensions: Full specs TBD
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