MDLR Case6U / 94HP Compact Travel Case

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MDLR Case 6U/94HP Compact Travel Case

MDLR's 6U/94HP Compact Travel Cases are designed to be a compact, lightweight solution to accomodate traveling with modular synthesizers. Three years of accumulated knowledge, as well as close attention to the feedback received from numerous customers helped MDLR bring this model close to perfection. The case features the same acclaimed power found in their previous models, but that is pretty much where the line is drawn between this one and its predecessors. The main corpus of the case is made out of lightweight Con-Pearl boards. The rails were completely reengineered, effectively reducing the total weight by more than 40%. Finally, the side plates are now 3D-printed, which also significantly reduces the weight of the enclosure.

6U/94HP Compact Travel Case Features

  • Carry-on compatible according to most airlines' requirements
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Lid depth allows for traveling with a patched synthesizer
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 94hp
  • Depth: Power: 2A @ +12V, 1.2A @ -12V, 1.5A @ +5V
  • Current draw: PSU: Meanwell brick included
  • Current draw: Weight: 5.1kg without modules
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