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Marshall Code 50 50W Combo Amp

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Marshall Code 50

Code 50, from Marshall Amps, is a 50W combo amp packed with digital emulations. Utilizing the new MST software (Marshall-Softube), the Code 50 can switch between 14 different MST modelling preamps, 4 MST modelling power amps, and 8 MST modelling speaker cabinets. With all the potential, one could use this amp exclusively for an entire recording session. Also built in to the Code 50 are 24 power digital FX including: Compression, auto wah, pitch shifting, chorus, phasing, flanging, tremolo, distortions, delays with tap temp, as well as studio quality reverbs. 

Code 50 Features

  • 50W combo amp
  • Authentic models of classic amps
  • 24 built in FX
  • Utilizes MST modelling
  • 14 preamp models
  • 4 power amp models
  • 8 speaker cabinet models
  • Presets: 100
  • Wattage: 50W
  • Inputs: 1 1/4" input
  • Size: 1x12"
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Dimensions: 530mm x 440mm x 280mm
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