ManticFlex Pro Envelope Filter + Fuzz (Silver)


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Mantic Flex Pro

The Flex Pro pedal from Mantic is a chaotic and glitchy envelope filter and fuzz pedal that creates wild tones and next level fuzz. Filter includes two up/down switches, labeled "$" and "&" and a six-way rotary switch which provides 24 different filtering effects. Focus is akin to an envelope follower and provides sweeping filter modulation. Pump controls the time it takes for the envelope to fully open and can produce pretty wild effects. However, it can be tamed by the Focus control; they work together as a team. The modulation LFO has a separate bypass footswitch and includes a rate control which is indicated by the green LED in the center of the pedal. The Mix control is a blend between the clean signal and the fuzz-soaked tones produced by the Flex Pro. Add this all up and the Flex Pro becomes a fuzz powerhouse that delivers a punch.

Flex Pro Features

  • Fuzz/filter envelope pedal
  • 24 filter types selected by switches
  • LFO modulation with bypass foot-switch and LED indicator
  • Envelope follower for sweeping modulation
  • 9v DC center negative 35mA (not included)
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