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Maneco Labs Grone Manecolin

Chaotically emerging from the minds at Maneco Labs, the Grone Manecolin is a dual-oscillator digital voice for cross-modulatory cacophony, deriving loose inspiration from Rob Hordijk's Benjolin circuit. The first oscillator provides a wavetable that can select and crossfade between multiple wave types with its two wave knobs, while the second provides wavefolding and additive harmonics instead. Cross modulate this devious duo for even more wacky tones. A third, variable duty-cycle square wave source is derived by combining both oscillators in a comparator.

Oscillators one and two are normalled into a shift register, with oscillator one as data and oscillator two as clock. When using cross modulation between the two oscillators, Grone Manecolin creates a Rungler, creating emergent and shifting modulations for chaotic control over multiple voice parameters. For further modulation, an onboard LFO with variable shape and speed let you bend and shape your sounds.

On top of this chaotic oscillation network, Grone Manecolin gives you a squelching MS-20 style filter to shape the many wild timbres generated by the oscillators. At the output stage, a highly resonant reverb and gritty saturator add the final touches of noise-friendly magic. With a competent suite of tools to sculpt your next far-out creation and plenty of patch points to use each component independently, Grone Manecolin from Maneco Labs offers a fantastic and freaky voice that will find a place in any rack.

Grone Manecolin Features

  • Full voice Eurorack module for chaotic, modulated tones
  • Dual-oscillator and shift register "Rungler" architecture inspired by Rob Hordijk's Benjolin circuit
  • Oscillator one is a wavetable with variable wave and wave crossfading
  • Oscillator two features wave shaping and additive harmonics
  • Comparator circuit combines oscillators one and two for PWM square wave output
  • MS-20 style filter with Rungler modulation
  • On board LFO with wave shape and frequency control
  • Datorro-style reverb with infinite decay at high settings
  • Gritty saturation effect on output
  • Noise amount adds noise to oscillator signal path
  • Patch points let you break normalizations to use parts of the voice independently
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 33hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 250mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V
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