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Malekko Heavy Industry Quad LFO

The Malekko Quad LFO is a four-channel LFO which uses motion sequencing to control the LFO parameters and is perfect as a versatile modulation source. Especially when paired with Malekko's other sequencing modules, the LFO is a powerful source of tempo-synced modulation.

The LFOs have three modes: slow, fast, and tempo, which uses clock-based cycling. You can edit the parameters of the LFOs by holding down the channel buttons and moving the sliders. The frequency slider sets the frequency of the LFOs. The phase slider sets the phase of the slider with a start point from 0–360 degrees. Shape morphs the shape of the LFOs from sine, ramp, triangle, saw, and finally pulse with 10–90% duty cycle. Distort adds distortion to the LFO with the ability to add folding, bit-crushing, or noise to the LFO. Finally, level sets the output level of the LFO. The gate inputs allow the LFOs to be retriggered or restarted using an external gate signal. Channels two, three, and four can be set to follow channel one for quadrature LFO behavior.

Where the Quad LFO gets interesting is the motion sequencer. Hold down the record button while moving a slider and the sequencer will save the slider motion, allowing for automated LFO parameter changes in time with an external clock source. The sequencer features four modes, forwards, reverse, pendulum, and random. The LFO can be set to smooth, with gradual changes between settings, and stepped, with sudden changes to settings.

It features an internal bus sync which automatically syncs to clock signals on the Eurorack power bus. The settings are automatically saved while entering sequence data. It can save up to 16 presets when using with the Voltage Block and up to 100 when using with the Varigate 8+.

The Quad LFO provides sequenced LFO capabilities, combining the functions of many modules into one neat package, with hands on and intuitive control of functions.

Quad LFO Features

  • Four channels of LFO
  • Motion controlled sequencer
  • Auto-save settings
  • Slow, fast, or clocked tempo speeds
  • Forward, reverse, pendulum, or random
  • Five waveform shapes, sine, triangle, saw, ramp, and pulse
  • Three distortions, fold, bit-crush, and noise
  • Bus connected to Varigate products
  • Gate input resets the LFO waveform when it receives a gate signal
  • Channels two, three, and four can follow channel one for quadrature LFO behavior
  • 16 presets when using with the Voltage Block and up to 100 with Varigate 8+
  • Smooth and stepped behavior
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 26mm,85mA @ +12V, 17mA @ -12V
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