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Malekko Heavy Industry Quad VCA

Quad VCA from Malekko is an excellent module for managing the dynamics within your patches, and it is designed to be easily incorporated with the company's previous hits, namely Varigate 4+ and Varigate 8+. The module consists of four channels, each with its own dedicated CV input. There is an internal normalization that ties channels 2-4 to channel 1's signal and CV input. A dedicated mute on every channel renders Malekko's Quad VCA to be especially suited for live performance scenarios. The special scanning function lets you "scrub" through channels and select individual signals. Preset management can be controlled remotely via either of the Varigate modules.

Quad VCA Features

  • 4-channel VCA for advanced dynamic audio and modulation control
  • Channels 2–4 normalized to channel 1's signal and CV inputs
  • Dedicated CV inputs for each channel
  • Dedicated mute for each channel
  • All channels summed to a final mix output
  • Scanning function allows for channel "scrubbing" and individual signal selection
  • Built-in preset control
  • Remote switch enables remote preset control from Varigate 8+ or Varigate 4+
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 97mA @ +12v, 50mA @ -12v
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