Malekko Heavy IndustryPolyamorator Harmonizer + Delay Pedal


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Malekko Polyamorator Harmonizer + Delay Pedal

Malekko Heavy Industry brings intermingling harmony to your pedalboard with the Polyamorator, a digital harmonizer, delay, and arpeggio pedal that offers three different stages of pitch offset and delay. The preamp knob, determining input attenuation or amplification, is the knob with one function while the others contain two pages of control. Each of Polyamorator's stages offers up to +/- 1 octave of harmonization that is offset by half-steps, and each stage's delay time is independent with differing max delay times that allow for arpeggio creation. This pedal is perfect for making polytonal chords or intricate motivic ideas, and with volume per stage and a regeneration (feedback) control, you can create anything from very dynamic and flowing flutters to endlessly rhythmic drones.

Polyamorator's dry/wet mix parameter allows you to dial the perfect amount of effect while the size control determines how much of the incoming audio it will capture to harmonize. Additionally, you can send a tap tempo input, including an external clock, to time the pedal while modulating any combination of almost any of the controls via expression pedal or CV. Wrap your sound in loving harmonies with the Polyamorator.

Polyamorator Features

  • Harmonizer/delay/arpeggio pedal
  • Two pages to control 10 parameters
  • Three stages of delay and harmony (resulting in arpeggios)
  • Delay time - stage one: 670ms max/stage two:1340ms max/stage three: 2000ms max
  • Each harmonizer stage ranging +/- 1 octave in half-step increments
  • Size parameter determine amount of input signal captured for harmonizing and delay
  • Feedback from 1 repeat to infinite
  • Dry/wet control from 0% to 100% wet
  • Volume per stage
  • Preamp control to attenuate/amplify input
  • Dimensions: 5.5" × 2.25" × 2.5"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC (PSU not included)
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