Malekko Heavy IndustryManther Growl Analog Voice


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Malekko Heavy Industry Manther Growl

Malekko's Manther Growl uses the same analog voice architecture as their remarkable Manther monosynth, bringing an expanded SH-101 style voice into Eurorack format. Complete with authentic CEM3340 VCO and SSM2044 filter, the Manther Growl is a classic synth voice with extended capability.

The VCO offers pulse, saw, and triangle shapes, with individual and group level controls. The triangle can be wavefolded via the Shape parameter, and the pulse wave offers PWM via the internal LFO and a dedicated external input.

The built-in LFO provides saw, ramp, sine, square, and random shapes and can be directly routed to the oscillator pitch, pulse width, and filter cutoff via dedicated attenuators. The Manther Growl also features two internal ADSR envelopes—one for the filter and one for pitch.

Complete with tons of options for sonic variation and classic modulation, the Manther Growl is a modernized analog synth voice with plenty of ways of integrating into the Eurorack ecosystem.

Manther Growl Features

  • Eurorack incarnation of the Malekko Manther's voice architecture
  • Inspired by classic Roland SH-101 monosynth
  • CEM3340-based VCO with Square/Pulse, Saw, and Triangle wave shapes
  • Independent level controls for Each wave shape
  • Ext. Level control normalized to white noise
  • Dedicated pulse width control with PWM CV input
  • Internal LFO with Saw/Ramp, Sine, Square, and Random shapes
  • Internal LFO routing to Pitch, Pulse Width, and Filter Cutoff with dedicated attenuators
  • Dedicated independent ADSR envelopes for VCA and Filter
  • Built-in waveshaping control for intense, grinding sounds
  • Tons of CV inputs and outputs for extended sonic control
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: 34mm
  • Current draw: 300mA @ +12v, 200mA @ -12v
Product Demo Videos
Squarp Hermod Sequencing Manther Growl & Drums
Squarp's Hermod is a powerful option for sequencing your eurorack as well as sending midi out to other gear or even turning external midi into CV. The sequencer has 8 tracks with independent track length and built in midi effects for adding ratcheting and probability as well as other effects.

The synth line is made with a Malekko Manther Growl run through Qu-Bit's Prism. The Manter Growl is the synth voice from the Manther as a eurorack module with added CV controls and outputs for each waveform. The Prism is a stereo processor that combines comb filter, decimating and filtering effects into one with a freeze option built into the delay of the comb filter.

The kick drum is from Befaco's Kickall, snare is Intellijel's Plonk and hats are from WMD's Fracture. Everything is mixed together with Warm Star's Fragment.
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