Make Noise RxMx Vactrol Mixer

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Make Noise RxMx

The RxMx from Make Noise is a 6 Channel vactrol mixer with scanning capabilities. Each input has its own gain control with a small attenuator knob. The Channel control decides which of the six outputs is "chosen." It scans from one thru six through the turn of the knob. This is also voltage controllable, for complex wavescanning. The Radiate control starts turning up the channels directly adjacent to the main selected channel. In other words, the volumes radiate out from the central point. This helps with morphing from channel to channel, instead of just switching. The Level control is a master volume control for all channels. Because it utilizes vactrols, the main level has a "Strike" input, providing the classic Make Noise percussive hit. There are three sub mixes, as well as a full mix output. Two aux inputs also allow other mixers to be chained. For those looking for esoteric mixers, the RxMx can play many roles. 

RxMx Features

  • Vactrol-Based 6-Input, 3-Output Macro-Lowpass Gate and Signal Crossfader/Mixer Module
  • Uses low pass gates for level control and crossfading, excels at smooth dynamic blending and percussive animation of related or unrelated signals
  • Expansion header allows for unpatched connection to DPO for waveform scanning
  • Expansion header allows for unpatched connection to 6 bands of the FXDf Fixed Filter module allowing for voltage controlled, percussive spectral animation
  • Cable patched to any RxMx input jack will break the above mentioned normalization for the respective channel
  • Patch programmable to have one six-channel, or one four-channel and one two-channel, or three two-channel outputs
  • Aux A and Aux C inputs for adding two more signals to the mix such as the SUM Outs from the Optomix and modDemix, thus allowing for larger more complex mixes
  • Pairs well with FXDf
  • Eurorack Module
  • 20 HP Width
  • 24mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 35mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V
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