Make Noise FXDf Fixed Filter

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Make Noise FXDf

The FXDf, or Fixed Filter, from Make Noise is a 6 band filter with fixed band peaks. It contains two inputs, one for a -6dB slope on the bandpass filters, and one for a -12dB slope. Traditionally, Moog's fixed filters were known to be -12dB slopes, while Serge's were -6dB. These two inputs also make the FXDf into an esoteric mixer. Each of the six bands have their own individual outputs for signal spilting, strange filter morphing (when mixed with volume controls), and EQ options. The highest and lowest bands are highpass and lowpass respectively, without the highest highs or lowest lows removed. For the quickest and easiest way to shape a tone, the FXDf filter delivers. 

FXDf Features

  • 6 Band Fixed Filter Module
  • Simultaneous 6db/ Octave and 12db/ Octave inputs
  • 6 filter bands spaced at 11 to 13 semitones and cover a range of 6 octaves
  • Useful for isolating a particular portion of the spectrum for mixing and analog or digital signal processing
  • Individual output for each filter band
  • Expansion header for normalled connection of 6 FXDf outputs to 6 RxMx inputs allowing for voltage controlled, percussive spectral animation
  • Pairs well with the RxMx
  • Eurorack Module
  • 4 HP Width
  • 24mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 27mA @ ±12V
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