Make Noise CV Bus Shared System 2018

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Make Noise CV Bus Shared System 2018

The Make Noise Shared System is a modern classic modular system, destined to hold a similar place in history as the iconic Buchla Music Easel, Moog Minimoog, and more. One of Tony Rolando's visions of a complete Make Noise instrument, the CV Bus Shared System exploits all the possibilities of analog and digital synthesis in order to form a hybrid instrument with a striking, surprisingly singular sound.

From the Buchla-inspired DPO & Optomix to the Serge-derived Maths and Pressure Points on to the realm of modern DSP with Soundhack/Tom Erbe's Echophon and Morphagene, the CV Bus Shared System provides everything from classic analog FM to straight up Curtis Roads-style granular synthesis. Rene 2018 and Pressure Points offer unique means of user interaction, while clever CV sources such as the Maths and Wogglebug make generative, process-based composition fun and easy to explore.

The 7U Elite case and integrated CV Bus bring sense of unity to the instrument, using a system-wide buffered mult to make CV distribution to critical parts of the system easy without a mess of cables. The Bus provides color-coded visual feedback, making it simple to see what signals are routed where, and additionally includes an external input with beefy preamp and a dedicated headphone/line output, so interfacing with external instruments and recording equipment is quick and easy.

A powerful instrument in its own right with room available to expand, the CV Bus Shared System is a beautiful example of how beautiful, inspirational, and outright fun that modular synths can be.

CV Bus Shared System Features

  • Multidimensional sequencing: René 2018
  • Expressive input and voltage memory: Pressure Points
  • Dual complex oscillator with wavewhaping: DPO
  • Pitch Shifting, Echo, and Glitch Effects: Soundhack Echophon
  • Dual slope generator and voltage processor: Maths
  • Multiple Random Voltage Source: Wogglebug
  • Dual Low Pass Gate: Optomix
  • Balanced Modulation: modDemix
  • Granular synthesis, looping, time lag accumulation, timestretching, and more: Morphagene
  • 7U case w/ power supply and AC Adapter, Ready to Play
  • Ships with 30 Ad Infinitum patch cables
  • Free blanking panels as appropriate
  • Comes with Lid, Highly portable, Meets requirements for carry-on luggage
  • Chassis Eurorack Modular
  • Input Connectors 3.5mm TS
  • Output Connectors 3.5mm TS
  • MIDI Connections N/A
  • Module Slot Count 208hp
  • Connector Type 3.5mm
Product Demo Videos
Make Noise Shared System With René 2
The new René sequencer from Make Noise is a three channel CV and gate sequencer with interesting snake and cartesian movement modes. In this video we use a Black and Gold Shared System with a Tempi added into the case. The René can now change presets on the Tempi, so your sequencer can control your clocking.
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