Make NoiseBlack & Gold Shared System 2018

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The Make Noise Black & Gold Shared System is no longer available in this form—however, see the Black & Gold Shared System Plus for an even more powerful offering! The B&G+ adds the Tempi and Make Noise 7U Steel Case at no additional cost.

Make Noise Black & Gold Shared System

The Black & Gold Shared System is Make Noise's flagship Eurorack synthesizer system. It includes many of their most functional modules: Maths, the DPO, the Optomix, the modDemix, the Echophon, the Erbe-Verb, and now includes the Morphagene, along with many of their controller modules: the Rene 2018, Pressure Points, and the famous modulation source, the Wogglebug. The case includes an extra 1U row, with buffered multiples, an external input and preamp, and a TRS output with independent Left and Right inputs. With this collection of modules, analog warmth, FM, and granularization are all accessible styles, blending in a new and postmodern form. The Rene sequencer and Pressure Points gives tactile control over the Black & Shared system, allowing one to perform on it, and not just patch. There are a few blank panels to provide room for growth. All this is then housed in a heavy duty industrial feeling case for easy transport and protection. The Black & Gold Shared System is one for the record books. 

Black & Gold Shared System Features

  • Make Noise Shared System in Black & Gold as used by founder Tony Rolando
  • New School Multidimensional Sequencing: René 2018
  • Human/ Expression Control: Pressure Points
  • Dual Analog Oscillator: DPO
  • Voltage Controlled Pitch Shifting and Echo: Echophon
  • Dual Analog Control Voltage generator: Maths
  • Complex Random Voltage Generator: Wogglebug
  • Dual Low Pass Gate: Optomix
  • Balanced Modulation: modDemix
  • Voltage Controlled DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Morphagene
  • modeless, continuously variable voltage controlled reverb: Erbe-Verb
  • 7U case w/ power supply and AC Adapter, Ready to Play
  • Ships with 30 Ad Infinitum patch cables
  • Free blanking panels as appropriate
  • Comes with Lid, Highly portable, Meets requirements for carry-on luggage
  • Eurorack Modular Complete System
  • 7U Case, 208 HP Total Available, 190 HP Utilized
  • Dimensions (with Lid): 22.25” x 14” x 7.25”
  • Weight: 18 lbs
Product Demo Videos
Make Noise Shared System With René 2
The new René sequencer from Make Noise is a three channel CV and gate sequencer with interesting snake and cartesian movement modes. In this video we use a Black and Gold Shared System with a Tempi added into the case. The René can now change presets on the Tempi, so your sequencer can control your clocking.
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