Make Noise0-Coast + Touche Bundle


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0-Coast + Touche Bundle

The 0-Coast + Touche bundle is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to dive into the expressive and experimental world of modular synthesizers and alternate controllers. Featuring Make Noise's deep, powerful 0-Coast and Expressive E's intimately emotive Touche controller, this package is an excellent toolkit for exploring the expressivity of analog systems. A powerful setup with a small footprint, this is a perfect choice for both newcomers and veteran synthesists.

Bundle Features

  • Make Noise 0-Coast semimodular synth
  • Expressive E Touche gestural controller
  • All the cables required to get up and running


  • 5x LMNTL 24" patch cables
  • 1x LMNTL splitter hub
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