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Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster Pedal

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A booster that adds the right amount of color to your sound.

The easy-to-use Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster is one of the most versatile high quality boosters on market. It's a combination of two boosters and a switchable buffer. The two boosters are based on the highly sought after BJF Little Red Trebler and Red Rooster Booster, connected in that order and with a master volume control.

The RRB can be used as a treble booster, a clean boost or an overdrive unit or any combination of the above. Inside the pedal there is a switch for a high quality buffer. You can set the pedal for true bypass mode or "buffer on" in bypass mode. The Treble Booster is a fine-tuned booster for just the right treble frequency with carefully designed bandwidth and an optimized slope of bass cut.

The booster circuit is designed to overdrive the amplifier inputs from nice shimmer to heavy overdrive, thanks to the massive 40dB of boost. The booster is tuned so that it produces musical distortion by itself on higher boost settings. You can control the total level of the two boosters with the Master Volume control and also use the Master Volume to achieve distortion from the unit.


  • Master Control
  • Treble Control
  • Boost Control
  • Buffer Control
  • Treble Boost
  • Straight Boost


  • Input impedance: approximately 500K Ohms
  • Recommended output load: 50K Ohm's or higher, effects output and buffer output
  • Current consumption: @ 9V DC approximately 6mA
  • DC supply voltage range: 8 - 18V
  • Voltage gain approximately: +40dB
  • Treble boost peak: +15dB@4KHz
  • Signal to noise ratio: 110 dB
  • Effect 3dB bandwidth: 70Hz to 7KHz
  • True bypass or buffered (switchable inside the pedal)
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