LZX Industries Passage Triple Arithmetic Processor

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LZX Industries Passage

The LZX Passage is a triple-channel wide-band signal mixer and voltage processor capable of mixing any signal—from video to audio and beyond! The module is ideal for expanding the Visual Cortex, and is great when used alongside other Passages.

Passage Features

  • Bias controls can be used before or after attenuator/inversion controls, for bipolar conversion of a modulating signal
  • 2 inputs, 1 attenuation/inversion control and 1 +/-1.25V bias control per ch
  • Weight 8 oz
  • Dimensions 6 x 3 x 2 in
  • Mounting Depth 1.25 inches
  • -12V Power Consumption 40mA
  • +12V Power Consumption 40mA
  • Width 10HP
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