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LZX IndustriesBridge Multifunction Utility


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LZX Industries Bridge

The LZX Bridge is a multifunctional utility module for use with video synthesizers. It provides a variety of useful functions in a compact 8HP module. 

The module provides dual buffered multiples, each with three outputs and voltage scaling. An amplification setting allows incoming signals to be amplified by five, while an attenuation setting applies the same factor to the input signal in terms of attenuation. There’s also a wideband voltage controlled crossfader with a dedicated inversion switch. 

Additionally, the Bridge can be patched in a variety of ways, including as a single VCA, 4-quadrant multiplier, or as a crossfader between two inputs.

Bridge Features

  • Dual buffered multiples with three outputs and voltage scaling
  • In amplify setting, input signals are amplified by a factor of five
  • In attenuate setting, input signals are attenuated by a factor of five
  • These scalers allow quick translation between standard EuroRack audio world 5V signal levels and LZX video module 1V signal levels
  • Single wideband voltage controlled crossfader/multiplier with CV inversion switch
  • It can be patched as a single VCA, a crossfader/switcher between two inputs, or when combined with the mixer section a 4-quadrant multiplier
  • Single three input signal mixer
  • Two adding inputs and one subtracting input
  • One adding input can alternately perform a mirrored inversion (1V - input signal.)
  • Eurorack Video Module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current Draw: 30mA@+/-12V
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