LZX IndustriesCyclops ILDA Laser Projector Interface


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LZX Industries Cyclops

For those thinking Eurorack modular synthesis only applied to the manipulation of sounds and visuals, think again. The LZX Cyclops brings a brand new edge to modular video synthesis: precision laser control. Each of the module’s X and Y CV inputs accept different ranges of signals: the red takes -/+ 5V, while the blue takes 0-5V. Each CV input has a dedicated attenuator and bias knob for precise modulation control, and both the X and Y inputs feature switches for inverting the CV. Finally, a master scale knob allows for the easy adjustment of the overall projection size. 

Patching oscillators into the module’s CV inputs allows for the creation of oscillographics and lissajous curves via projected lasers. The module is compatible with both analog and digital RGB colored lasers and features a dedicated front panel input for connecting a projector. 

Cyclops Features

  • 5 channel interface: X & Y Position (+/-5V) and Red, Green & Blue (0-5V), configuration switches on the module rear alternatively allow selection of LZX video standard signals (0-1V)
  • Voltage Control Input, Voltage Control Attenuator and Bias Control per input channel
  • Input inversion switches for X & Y voltage control inputs.Master XY scale control sets overall size of laser image
  • ILDA standard differential output drivers for each channel to ILDA standard DB25 connector port.  A DB25 serial cable is all you need to connect this module to a wide range of compatible laser projectors
  • Selectable low-pass filters on X & Y channels with settings for 20KPPS and 30KPPS projectors & filter bypass
  • Compatible with TTL RGB and Analogue RGB color lasers.Interlock & Shutter switches for remote control of laser projector
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current Draw: 60mA@+12v, 50mA@-12v
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