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LZX IndustriesCurtain Video Edge Processor


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LZX Industries Curtain

The LZX Curtain is a video edge processor ideal for blurring, outline extraction, and sharpening. Internally, the module is comprised of a Wideband voltage controlled filter and multiplier. The module is ideal for both processing video images and adding extra depth/contours to shapes and patterns.

Curtain Features

  • Voltage controlled filter with 1:100 continuous tuning ratio allows a full sweep from thin to wide time constants
  • Three range settings cover a cutoff range from 100Hz to 5MHz
  • Switchable rectifier allows selection of positive rising edges and falling negative edges, both edges positive, rising edge only, or falling edge only
  • Voltage controlled depth allows a continuous sweep of filter output amplitude and inversion
  • Separate inputs for the filter and output mix allow edge processing from once source and output mixing with another.
  • Dedicated filter and mix outputs allow further external processing
  • All signal and control paths perform at high frequency, video rate modulation speeds
  • AC/DC input coupling switches and inverting level attenuators on voltage control inputs.
  • Eurorack Video Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current Draw: 70mA@+/-12v
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