Low-Gain Electronics SubMix 6 Twin Active Mixer

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Low-Gain Electronics SubMix 6

The SubMix 6, from Low Gain Electronics, is an improved version of the older SubMix7. It consists of six buffered inputs, each with a linear attenuator, two dedicated mix outputs, and a single submix output. Possible mix configurations include 2x 3:1 with a submix, and 1x 6:1. However, the aforementioned functionality is only half the story. 

The SubMix 6 was conceived to sub-mix various waveform outputs from VCOs, but utilizes active inputs in lieu of passive mixers. This is because passive mixers function like on/off switches, negating the more traditional mixing options afforded by active inputs. The latter input is ideal because it provides a constant load that results in a smoother, more refined mix. 

If all this wasn’t enough, the SubMix 6 is capable of handling both audio and CV signals, and its submix output can be used in the construction of feedback loops. 

SubMix 6 Features

  • Twin 3 input mixers with dedicated outputs
  • Submix output sums both mixers, allowing 6 input mixing
  • All outputs are available simultaneously
  • Active/buffered inputs
  • Linear attenuators
  • Feedback loop functionality
  • Skiff friendly
  • 8 HP wide
  • Skiff friendly
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