LooptrotterSAT 500 500-Series Saturation


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Looptrotter SAT 500

The SAT 500 from Looptrotter is a 500-series all-analog saturator that brings the characterful warmth, color, and drive from their legendary SA2RATE 2 circuit to your mobile or modular recording rig. What sets the SAT 500 apart from others in its class—in addition to its distinctive yellow finish that just screams danger!—is a pair of spectral shapers, Hi Smooth and Lo Safe. Hi Smooth adds a bit of emphasis to higher frequencies pre-saturation, then compresses the result to produce a balanced yet harmonically-rich high end, great for adding sizzle to a drum kit or helping push a vocal to the front of the mix. Lo Safe attenuates the low end pre-saturation, increasing the available headroom for low end tracks like bass and kick drum to avoid unwanted distortion. Dry and Wet levels are independently configurable, and the effect can be quickly A/B'ed with the bypassing Process control. Whether you're tracking vocals, drums, bass, analog snyths, and more, its bevy of tone-shaping options means the SAT 500 can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

SAT 500 Features

  • 500 series saturator and analog color processor
  • Pre-saturation low cut and high boost filters for spectral shaping
  • LED shows 4 and 8% THD
  • Separate Dry and Wet controls faciliate parallel processing
  • Bypass switch
  • Function: Saturator
  • Number of Channels: Single
  • Inputs: 1x XLR
  • Outputs: 1x XLR
Looptrotter SAT 500 500-Series Saturation Reviews