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LooptrotterEmperor 500 500-Series Compressor


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Looptrotter Emperor 500

The Emperor 500 brings Looptrotter's highly versatile dynamics management tool your 500-series rack with zero compromises; compressor, limiter, harmonic distortion—the Emperor 500 can do it all, and with Looptrotter's characteristic analog coloring. Its flexibility comes down to the fact that the Emperor 500 is actually several different functional blocks all in one: a FET-based amplifier/limiter, a pair of sidechain filters, and a three-speed compressor. The FET-based amplifier increases percieived loudness and adds characterful low order harmonics, warming up your sound, while the high boost filter increases the compression effect on the high end, effectively turning the Emperor into an analog de-esser. With low cut engaged, program material in the low end will produce a more transparent sound, minimize bass distortion, and create the "pumping" effect distinctive in much electronic dance music of recent decades.

When the compressor speed is set to FAST, it acts more like a limiter, while MED gives a fast compressor response. SLOW responds more like a vintage compressor from yesteryear. Independent dry and wet level controls facilitate parallel processing, and the Process switch instantly bypasses the entire effect for rapid-fire A/B'ing. Far from a straightforward limiting device, the Emperor 500 is a tool for studio engineers who seek creative, characterful solutions to managing dynamics in their projects.

Emperor 500 Features

  • 500 series dynamics manager
  • FET-based amplifier adds compression, limiting, and harmonic distortion depending on settings
  • Two sidechain filters for low-end "pumping" and high end de-essing
  • Three speeds—slow, medium, and fast—for a variety of compression responses
  • Dry/Wet control for parallel compression
  • Bypass switch
  • Function: Compressor/Limiter
  • Number of Channels: Single
  • Inputs: 1x XLR
  • Outputs: 1x XLR
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