Loop Switchers10 Channel True Bypass Strip - Handwired


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Loop Switchers 10 Channel True Bypass Strip

This bypass strip allows users to route pedals into each loop and using a switch to active or deactivate specific pedals in the signal path. Switching creates no unwanted noise and Loop Switcher products do a fantastic job of cleaning up sound all together. 

10 Channel True Bypass Features

  • PCB
  • 3pdt Foot Switches
  • 3mm LED's
  • 1/4" Metal Jacks
  • Military Spec. Silver Stranded Wire
  • .050" Aluminum
  • Texture Black Enamel Powder Coating
  • Laser Engravure
  • Dimensions: 2 x 1.625 x 20 in
  • Foot switches are approximately 2.18" apart
  • Flange locking steel outer enclosure
  • Extremely durable and scratch resistant black powder coating
  • Inner locking X & Y tight fit attached side panels
  • Front and rear machine threaded locking flat head screw
  • High quality mono 1/4″ jacks, 3 pdt foot switch and power jacks
  • Chromed steel LED bezel w/ crimped LED
Loop Switchers 10 Channel True Bypass Strip - Handwired Reviews