Lindell AudioPEX500VIN 500 Series Vintage Passive EQ


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Lindell Audio PEX500VIN

Inspired by the classic design of the Pultec parametric EQ, Lindell Audio's PEX-500VIN is a beautiful-sounding equalizer in the popular 500 series format. The module is equipped with balanced transformer-coupled input and output and fully discrete circuitry. A set of 3-step switches are installed for easy frequency band selection in high and low ranges, and control knobs allow for up to 10dB cut/boost on each band. Moreover, the unit includes a dedicated high-frequency attenuator, and its true-bypass signal path preserves the original quality of the input signal when the unit is bypassed. Install this equalizer in your 500 series chassis and you will quickly discover how much better things sound with even minor adjustments.

PEX500VIN Features

  • Passive equalizer modeled after the revered Pultec design
  • Fully discrete circuitry
  • Transformer-coupled balanced I/O
  • Three 3-position switches for frequency band selection with up to 10% boost/cut
  • Dedicated high-frequency attenuator
  • Connects to 500-series chassis with +/-16V
Lindell Audio PEX500VIN 500 Series Vintage Passive EQ Reviews