Leaf AudioBass Kalimba Set for Microphonic Soundbox + Playground


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Leaf Audio Bass Kalimba Set

Replace your kalimba tines on the Microphonic Soundbox mk2 or attach a kalimba to your Playground with the Bass Kalimba attachment kit from Leaf Audio. Contains five different metal strips with two of them being thicker than the other three for additional sonic variation. Black metal with white measurement lines let you add as much accuracy as you'd like. Each tine has a small hole that is meant to face the player and works great for threading bow hair or string through it to create additional sounds. Bring some exceptionally deep tones to your Soundbox mk2 or Playground with Leaf Audio's Bass Kalimba attachment pack.

Bass Kalimba Set Features

  • Attachment for Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox and Microphonic Playground
  • 5x Metal bass kalimba tines
  • Holder
  • Two types of thickness
  • Length: 4.7 in / 120 mm
  • Width: ~1/4" / 9 mm
  • Thickness: 1.2 mm / 1.6 mm
  • Weight:0.7oz / 0.020 kg
Leaf Audio Bass Kalimba Set for Microphonic Soundbox + Playground Reviews