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La 67MODii Dual VC Modulator


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La 67 MODii

Rolling together modulation ideas from the likes of Buchla, Serge, and Hordjik, La 67's MODii offers a function generator and decay envelope unified by shared gate and trigger inputs. Sharing inputs might sound like a drag, but it's the sort of functional constraint that can lead to really interesting patches! At the top is the function generator, inspired by the famous Serge DUSG—it will fire off envelopes when gates are sent into the Trigger input, or slew voltages passed into the Gate input. Separate Attack and Decay controls define the rate of rising and falling voltages, and a Shape control morphs through exponential and linear curves. For easier, independent patching, there's also a gate Duration control, which optionally determines the length of an internally generated gate signal if desired.

The lower section comprises a decay-only envelope, but with a couple of other fun circuits included. A trigger delay allows for the envelope's activation to be offset by an arbitrary amount of time, while a courtesy Sample and Hold output will hold a voltage present at the decay Time CV input while the envelope is active. Both envelopes may operate in envelope or cycling modes, as set by the shared switch near the top of the module, and an End of Cycle output on the function generator allows for triggering other modules or curious self-patched behaviors. Inspired by some of the most fun and interesting modular patching philosphies, MODii promises to add abundant functionality to your Eurorack system.

MODii Features

  • Dual voltage-controlled modulator
  • Includes a Serge-style function generator and decay envelope
  • Shared gate and trigger inputs, and Cycle switch
  • Optional internal gate source
  • Attack and Decay controls for function generator
  • Function generator Shape control
  • CV inputs for Gate duration, Attack, and Decay
  • 5V End of Cycle gate output
  • 0-8V function generator output
  • Trigger delay on decay envelope input
  • Decay Time control
  • CV inputs for Delay and Time
  • Sample and Hold output holds Time CV input
  • 0-8V Decay envelope output
  • 25mm
  • 55mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V
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