L-1Quad VC Equalizer


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L-1 Quad VC Equalizer

L-1’s Quad VC Equalizer is a 4-CH parametric EQ with voltage control over all crucial parameters. The module can operate as a singular quad EQ, or as four individual filters. Each channel features resonance switches and bandwidth controls, while channels 1 and 4 can be configured as bandpass filters or lowpass/highpass filters.

Quad VC Equalizer Features

  • 4CH VC EQ
  • 1 giant EQ, or 4 separate filters
  • Resonance Switches
  • Variable bandwidth controls
  • Channel 1 switchable to lowpass
  • Channel 4 switchable to highpass
Product Demo Videos
L-1 Quad VC Resonant Equalizer
The Quad VC Resonant Equalizer from L-1 is a 4CH parametric EQ with full voltage control over each parameter. It can be used as a single quad EQ or as four independent filters. Each channel is complete with resonance switches as well as bandwidth controls. Channels 1 and 4 can be switched from Bandpass filters to Lowpass and Highpass, to provide a full spectrum EQ.

In this patch the output of the Mannequins Just Friends is filtered by the L-1 VC EQ. Each of the 4 bands from the VC EQ is mixed by the Verbos Scan and Pan, which is controlled by envelope generators Triggered by the Malekko Varigate 8+.
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