L-1Mutant Cure VCF Vactrol Filter


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L-1 Mutant Cure VCF

The Mutant Cure VCF from L-1 is a dual-mode filter with two vactrols in the signal path, providing a unique naturalistic character, slewing incoming CV and imparting a rich tone. Select between low pass and high pass on switch and CV input, which inverts the switch's state. The low pass filter uses a Sallen-Key filter topology, while the high pass filter features a mutant-ish Sallen-Key topology.

Control the cutoff frequency with three CV inputs, two with attenuators, and one unattenuated 1V/oct input. Get different filter tones and cutoff slopes with the dual outputs, one 12dB/oct and one 24dB/oct. This mutant filter features a vactrol signal path that sounds full and imparts rich harmonics to your audio with two modes and two outputs.

Mutant Cure VCF Features

  • Dual-mode vactrol-based filter
  • Two vactrols in the signal path
  • Low pass filter with Sallen-Key topology
  • High pass filter with mutant-ish Sallen-Key topology
  • Switch between filter modes by switch and CV
  • 12dB/oct and 24dB/oct outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 36mA @ +12V, 36mA @ -12V
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