L-1Linear PSU Eurorack Power Supply - Version B


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L-1 Linear PSU

The Linear PSU (Version B) from L-1 is an extremely reliable linear power supply and busboard for Eurorack modular systems. You'll need hand tools to mount the busboard and IEC socket in your case, but everything else—busboard, heatsink, fuses, wiring —is all pre-fabricated and ready to power your system.

Linear PSU Features

  • Power system for DIY Eurorack enclosures or unpowered cases
  • Fully assembled, just requires hand tools to mount and IEC cable to power
  • 1.5A of current available at +/-12V
  • Onboard 5V regulator
  • 115V/230V switchable
  • 1.5A (1500mA) on each rail
  • Number of headers: 24
  • Very low voltage dropout, ripple, and noise while under load
  • LDO regulators used
  • Less heat with 13.7V 60VA transformer used
  • 2A fuse in the outlet
  • 1.85A thermofuses after the transformer on each rail
  • Precise voltage trimmable in range +-0.5V
  • PCBs are gold platted @ 2mm thickness
  • All wiring on headers
  • Different types possible: MTA-156 (included), spades, with screws, IDE ribbons
  • 5V regulator on busboards
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