L-1 2180 VCF Multimode Filter

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L-1 2180 VCF

The L-1 2180VCF is a multimode filter with a 12dB/oct response slope. Frequency and Resonance can be voltage controlled.

This filter offers a clean sound and perfect selfoscillation tracking of 1v/oct! The Bass Boost switch adds low-end bass at high resonance.

2180 VCF Features

  • Multimode - Outputs for HP, BP, LP
  • 12 dB/Oct
  • Tracks 1v/Oct when Self-Oscillating
  • Bass Boost switch
  • Frequency, Resonance, FM, and Resonance CV Controls
  • 2 Audio Inputs
  • FM CV Input
  • 1v/Oct CV Input
  • Resonance CV In


  • Eurorack Module
  • 10HP Width
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