KorgMS-20 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer (White)


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Korg MS-20 FS

Rising to prominence in the end of the 70's and early 80's, the Korg MS-20 made a name for itself as a powerful and versatile synthesizer with semi-modular patching interface. Korg is back at it with a full-sized reissue that captures the feel of the original with a few added features. It retains the same all-analog duophonic architecture with two VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, and envelopes.

The dual filter features both low pass and high pass filters and has the option to select between the first or second revision filter style. The original filter was known for its grit and distortion while the revision 2 filter gave a smoother response.

Besides the characteristics filters, the patch bay is what appealed to artists looking for complex sound shaping. It gives users the ability to reroute the internal signal flow by using patch cables. An external signal processing section grants the ability to bring in external audio and control signals into the MS-20 for increased versatility. The patchbay also includes freely routable functionality such as sample and hold and mod wheel. Korg also added MIDI control over DIN MIDI and USB. The MS-20 FS brings together the features that made it a classic with modern additions that make it even more powerful than before.

MS-20 FS Features

  • Semi-modular keyboard synthesizer with patch bay
  • Two versions of the revered dual filter
  • Dual oscillator with waveshape and octave selection
  • Full-sized three-octave keyboard with mod wheel
  • Dual envelope generator
  • Modulation LFO with adjustable waveshape
  • Portamento
  • USB and MIDI inputs
  • Includes 10 patch cables
  • Interface:Three-octave keyboard (37 keys), mod wheel, momentary button
  • MIDI: 5-pin DIN MIDI, USB
  • Patchbay: 6.3mm/ ΒΌ" jacks
  • Power supply:12V 1.5A AC (included)
  • 573 mm x 316 mm x 248 mm/22.56" x 12.44" x 9.76"
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