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Korg Monologue Analog Monosynth (Silver)

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Korg Monologue

The Monologue is another member of Korg's line of affordable and great-sounding analog synthesizers. Borrowing from the appearance and workflow of the Minilogue, the Monologue is a powerhouse monosynth with a few unique tricks up its sleeves.

The Monologue's voice architecture is much like the Minilogue's: two VCOs, one VCF, one EG, one VCA, and one LFO. Some of the tone-shaping capabilities are carried over from the Minilogue, such as ring mod and oscillator sync. However, the Monologue also features an adjustable drive circuit and completely new filter that together can be used for both sutble and aggressive distortion effects.

In keeping with the approachability of their other offerings, the knob-per-function design of the Monologue makes it a perfect choice for performing musicians who need quick access to all controls as well as beginning synthesists who are starting to explore the vast potential of analog synthesizers.

Featuring a completely new two-pole filter and drive, expanded sixteen step sequencer, motion sequencing, and built-in facility for microtonal tunings, the Monologue offers a vast array of options for making everything from ripping leads to punchy basslines to churning sound effects.

Monologue Features

  • Monophonic analog synthesizer for leads, basslines, sequences, and sound effects alike
  • Fully programmable, with 80 presets and 100 total storage slots
  • 16-step sequencer with motion sequencing for easy automation
  • New 2-pole filter and drive section for biting, aggressive sounds
  • Oscilloscope lets you view your waveforms in real time
  • 25 keys and optional battery power for ultimate portability
  • MIDI, USB, and Audio Sync
  • Five colors available
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  • 9VDC Power, Not Included
  • 6x AA Batteries
  • MIDI In/Out and bidirectional USB MIDI
  • Analog sync in/out
Product Demo Videos
Korg Monologue Analog Synth Demo
The iconic Korg Monologue and its wide variety of sonic capabilities.
OTO Machines BAM Space Generator Reverb on Miami and Monologue
This video shows the OTO Machines BAM Space Generator Reverb as an effect on a Korg Monologue synthesizer and Acidlab Miami drum machine. The BAM models vintage reverb units including their limitations and oddities.

Check out OTO Machines' BAM Space Generator Reverb
Earthquaker Devices Levitation v2 with Korg Monologue
Demoing the Earthquaker Devices Levitation with the Korg Monologue. The Levitation infuses a much-needed feverish psychedelia back into the world of Rock ’n’ Roll. The pedal is simultaneously a homage to Austin’s psych rock heritage and a variation of their Ghost Echo pedal. In terms of the latter, the Levitation ditches the Attack and Dwell parameters in favor of controls for Tone, Decay, Atmosphere, and Length, affording it the ability to wear many different hats: the pedal can produce reverbs reminiscent of the classic 60’s chambers, springs, and plate reverbs of yesteryear.
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