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KorgARP 2600 M LTD Semi-Modular Synthesizer


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Korg ARP 2600 M LTD

Presenting the iconic synthesizer in a limited edition package, Korg ARP 2600 M LTD shrinks down the classic instrument into a smaller form factor and pairs it with a compact microKEY controller. Building upon the raging success of the ARP 2600 FS, the 2600 M maintains the sound of the original yet enhances it with modern features like DIN and USB MIDI ports. This is the instrument that's been heard across music and film for decades, and now it's available in a modern form-factor like never before.

Everything about the sound of the 2600 M was maintained from the original vintage instruments, from its three oscillators and filters to the spring reverb and built-in speakers. In this iteration, Korg has included the filters from two versions of the legacy 2600: the 4012 type with it's more Moog-like sound, and 4072 type with a tamer 12dB/oct slope, so there's no reason to hunt for different units—simply flip the switch and choose the one you need! In addition to everything onboard, external sounds may be brought in with the preamp, and shaped further by the envelope follower and ring modulator.

Like the original, the 2600 M is a semi-modular instrument, meaning that it has an internal signal path which may be changed through the various patch points. By no means is patching required to get a great sound out of the 2600 M, but once you've learned your way around the default routing, the 3.5mm jacks offer a way to change and re-route signals to your needs. You can even incorporate external sources and sounds from Eurorack modular systems to expand the 2600 vibe beyond what anyone could have ever imagined back in the 1970s. For further connectivity and integration into production workflows, the 2600 M provides MIDI DIN and USB ports to find a home in your studio. Use the USB device port to connect with your DAW, or plug a controller into the USB Host port to have a complete, standalone instrument. The included microKEY controller works marvelously in this role, but sequencers and other controllers are fair game, too.

There's a reason the ARP 2600 has cemented itself into the history of electronic, film, and game music—its rich sound and flexible design have drawn in synthesists, composers, and musicians from all walks of life. Add the Korg 2600 M LTD to your studio, and have a complete instrument out of the box that will inspire for years to come.

ARP 2600 M LTD Features

  • Compact version of the legendary ARP 2600
  • Authentic translation of original analog signal paths
  • 60% the size of the original
  • MIDI DIN and USB ports
  • USB Host port for connecting USB controllers and sequencers
  • Three analog oscillators
  • Two filter types: 4012 with 24dB/oct slope, and 4072 with 12dB/oct slope
  • Preamp, envelope follower, and ring mod for processing external sounds
  • ADSR and AR envelope generators
  • LFO, sample and hold, and more!
  • Built-in spring reverb and speakers
  • Includes special edition silver suitcase with microKEY controller
  • Patching jack size: 3.5mm
  • Headphone output: 1/4" stereo phone jack
  • Outputs: 2x 1/4"
  • MIDI: In via DIN, USB Type A MIDI Host port, USB Type B MIDI
  • Dimensions: 520 x 129 x 311mm / 20.5 x 5 x 12.2"
  • Weight: 5.9kg / 13lbs
  • Power: 12VDC center positive PSU (included)
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