KlavisTwin Waves MkII Dual Oscillator


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Klavis Twin Waves MkII

Retaining all the fantastic features of version 1, the Twin Waves MkII from Klavis is a complex dual oscillator with a great selection of synthesis algorithms. Each oscillator can run in LFO, VCO, or random mode. Semi-modular cross-modulation provides a simple way to create complexity and interplay between the two oscillators. The oscillators feature linear FM, through-zero FM, and 1V/oct tracking over 10 octaves, with an optional quantizer. Additional assignable algorithmic modulation varies based on the selected synthesis type and features dedicated attenuators.

A built-in VCA provides amplitude control over the oscillators from external or internal modulation. Some of the on-board algorithms include phase modulation, seven-waveform additive synthesis, and five stacked oscillators with unison detune. VCO 1 features a suboctave square wave output that is normalled into the clock/sync jack, providing easy syncing between VCO 1 and 2. In LFO mode, the synced clock input is tied to a clock divider/multiplier with CV control over the division/multiplication. LFO algorithms include phase modulation, waveshaping, Brownian random levels and vectors, and randomly spaced/warped triggers and waves. All settings are automatically saved and recalled during the next power cycle. Able to be modulated extensively from internal and external sources and featuring a wealth of synthesis algorithms, the Twin Waves is a powerhouse of an oscillator.

Twin Waves MkII Features

  • Dual multi-algorithm oscillator
  • Able to operate in VCO, LFO, and random modes
  • Wide range of available synthesis algorithms including bit crushing, waveshaping, and additive synthesis
  • Internal cross-modulation between the oscillators
  • 1V/oct tracking over 10 octaves with optional quantization
  • Assignable CV inputs with attenuators
  • Through-zero and linear FM
  • Internal VCAs
  • Suboctave square wave output from VCO1 patched internally to clock input
  • Clock multiplier/divider with CV over selection
  • Hard and soft sync
  • Automatically saves settings on power-down
  • Firmware update over audio file
  • LED display of relevant information
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 52mA @ +12V, 17mA @ -12V
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